Your a runner ?

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p://”>imagesCA6KR73EOne of the things I hate about running, buying running shoes.Who knew there are so many types and colors and styles. Come on when I was younger say like 12 years old there were just  tennis shoes high tops and low tops in black and white. In my short running time almost 2 years i have bought at least 20 pairs of running shoes. The best pair I had of course they dont make them anymore. So know its try them on wear them running and hope all is good, no such luck.

On a recent trip to Ventura, Calif. we stopped at a running store and were going to get my wife running shoes because she has joined my dark side and is getting into running. Of course i couldnt leave without a pair. Tried on half a dozen and jogged in them all and decided on a red pair. They felt good, but had a small pulling in the back of my knee. Thought oh its nothing. Wrong $150.00 shoes that I cannot wear or take back since store is 4 hours from home.

So off to our local sports store to get running shoes, oh joy. After waiting 15 minutes for clerk to help me, Frank the I have not run since high school shoe clerk. I know this because in ourconversation he tells me this. Ask what type of shoe am I looking for. So He gets to hear my story about the shoes I bought in Venture his response, Your a runner? Really?  so he picks out a walking shoe. Dude maybe I dont fit your Idea of a runner but I have done six 5k’s and a Half marathon, I am thinking this to my self. I go on to tell him yes I run and no I do not want a walking shoe. I want a running shoe. He then explains that  someone my size and age should walk. After I got kinda over the shock. I told Frank, Runners come in every size and age. Needless to say it was off to another store to get shoes. Did I forget to say I hate buying running shoes.